North East Washington Amateur Radio Club


 Club Net: Thursday's at 8pm Local on 145.43 Chewelah Peak Repeater. ALL Amateurs are welcome/encouraged to check in!
Old Glory
W7GHJ Repeater-
443.725 FM [TX +5 offset]

145.600 FM Simplex

WR7VHF Repeater
145.43 FM [-600 offset]

NEWARC Logo Scaled
Call-sign: KE7TDY-R
Node #:979409
Connected to: W7GHJ 443.725

Breakfast @ The Chewelah Casino; Chewelah, WA 1st Sat./Month 9am 
Club Mgt. @ Valley Fire Hall [3rd & Pine]  in Valley, WA 1st Sat./Month 11am

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Current Conditions:

Lions Club Columbus Day Bike Ride:

When: Sunday, Oct. 4th, 2015 at 10am
Where: Chewelah City Park
What: Lions Club sponsored Columbus Day Bike Ride/Race
What is needed to help: A handheld or mobile radio w/2m capabilities that can hit the 145.430 Repeater

For numerous years, Ham Radio Operators have helped with communications support for this event. Since NEWARC became a club, many years ago, we have spear headed coordination of Communications Support for this event. It is that time of year once again, so once again we are asking for volunteers!

Typically we have at least 8 operators scattered at various check points along the route. (The route goes from the Chewelah City Park, S on HWY 395 then SE on HWY 231 towards Waitts Lake/Valley then on to Springdale and back) As of this writting, Sept. 21st, we have 4 volunteers confirmed. We would much rather to many then to few operators ... will you consider helping?

If you can help, please contact our club's Vice President, Godon - KD7MIU (his email is ) and let him know. The sooner the better. We will soon have the map of the route, and Gordon will help find a spot for you to operate from (they are pre-determined spots along the routeplus a control operator at the park)

The Chewelah Lions Club very much appreciates our help and our talent in assisting with this annual public event! It makes our club look good, makes our hobby look good, and well, it's really part of what we do! Thanks to those who can help, and to those willing to but not able to also!

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