North East Washington Amateur Radio Club


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Old Glory
W7GHJ Repeater-
443.725 FM [TX +5 offset]

KB7UJI Repeater-
145.130[-600offset, pl 100]

145.600 FM Simplex

WR7VHF Repeater
145.43 FM [-600 offset, pl 123] *currently down*

NEWARC Logo Scaled
Call-sign: KE7TDY-R
Node #:979409
Connected to: W7GHJ 443.725

PO Box 978
Chewelah, WA 99109

Breakfast @ The Chewelah Casino; Chewelah, WA 1st Sat./Month 9am 
Club Mgt. @ Valley Fire Hall [3rd & Pine]  in Valley, WA 1st Sat./Month 11am

*** QST QST QST We need help with the Lions Club Columbus Day Bike Ride. Sunday, 10/4/15. Please email Gordon - KD7MIU our VP [see contact page] to help. More info here [sorry the system sometimes will not allow that link clickable for some odd reason.]*** Please Be Patient with us as our site is maintained by a volunteer who is often pressed for time, be sure to check back often for updates. If you have suggestions please email the admin. Thanks & 73 *** IE-VHF Club Net [EVERYONE is welcome to check in] Wed.'s 7:30pm on the 146.88 repeater [pl 123] *** NEWARC Club Net (All Amateurs are encouraged to check in) is EVERY Thur. at 8pm on he 145.430 Chewelah Repeater! *** *** Interested in EchoLink? Want to know how it works? Want to try it for yourself? You're in luck, our 443.725 Repeater HAS echolink on it. Call sign: KE7TDY-R, node #979409 >b>*** ***
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About Us:
Ed Blalock, who became a Silent Key on Wednesday Feb. 11, 2004 was a very active area Ham who balanced many aspects of the hobby with his personal obligations in a great way! He started a monthly Breakfast at Geronimo's Resturant in Springdale, WA and it is out of that breakfast that this club came in to being. (Hence our club call sign being his old call sign, in his memory)

To honor Ed and keep that balanced passion alive, our club was founded on the idea of Hams having fun, helping one another, teaching others (both Hams and non-Hams alike) and being there to help the community in times of need.

We currently meet once a month for the breakfast at the Chewelah Casino in Chewelah, WA at 9am. After the breakfast we go on to our Club Meeting in Valley, WA. We meet at 11am in the Valley Fire Training Hall in Valley, WA. [click the links above for maps] Both meetings are on the 1st Saturday of every month [any changes, due to holidays or special meeting locations will be announced on our weekly Thur. Night Net (8pm local time on 145.430 Chewelah Peak Repeater, -600 KHz offset] and on our website]

We  have UFH Repeater [443.725 , tx up 5MHz on 448.725] located in Chewelah.[With EchoLink on it. EchoLink Call Sign is: KE7TDY-R or node #979409. It IS A WORK IN PROGRESS, help us test it please.] We also, like many clubs, plan on doing the ARRL Field Day event every year. We've also become an 'ARRL Afilliated Club'. We have official 'Non-Profit' Status in the State of Washington, and eventually we hope to become a 501 [c] 3.

Right now our website is small but it will be continually growing so check back often! If you have ideas or suggestions for the site, or it you wish to be added to our email list, just click the 'Email the Web Admin|Newsletter Editor link above. If you have general questions about the club and/or wish to contact our trustee then click the 'Email Trustee' link above.


Ed BlalockEd Blalock, W7GHJ (SK)
Field Day 199?
Our Club has Ed's call sign.

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